The only way to really get what you want is to decide what it actually is that you want.  When you think about your goals, you must have something specific to aim for.  One way to gain more clarity about what you want is to create an “I Want” list.  Think about all the things you want to do–the experiences you wish to have.  Then brainstorm the items you want to have–usually the material things in life.  And then, give some thought to what you want to be–characteristics you’d like to develop, roles you’d like to have.  If you can come up with 100 I Wants on your list, you’ve got a lot more clarity.

Then you can decide what is most important.  Usually, several of the items on that list will jump out to you as most important or a top priority.  Sometimes they solve a particular pressing need you currently face, or they most directly align with your life purpose and mission.  You can begin to prioritize which I Wants to work toward.

Some pitfalls to avoid in your quest for deciding what you want:

1. Don’t live someone else’s dreams.  These should be things you truly want, and can get excited about, not what someone else wants for you.

2. Don’t settle for less than what you really want.  You might get stuck thinking about how you’re going to get something and then scale back your dream.  Make your choice and stand powerfully in it.

3. Don’t waste a lot of time worrying about how.  The point of deciding what you want is to allow your subconscious and the Universe to know what it is you want help with.  You don’t have to know how you’re going to be, do or have something in order to put it on your list.

4. Don’t let someone else talk you out of your wants.  Lots of people mean well and will try to tell you all the reasons why what you want isn’t going to happen.  They really believe they are helping you, so you don’t face discouragement or defeat.  Say, “thanks for caring enough to share that with me.” And then move on, continuing toward your dreams.

5. Don’t keep your wants to yourself.  On the other hand, the more people who know about your wants, the more likely there is someone out there who can help you get there.  So share your wants, with some common sense and a thick skin, of course.