What messages are you sending out to the universe?  Are you putting clear intentions out followed up by taking action, or are you living in fear and scarcity, cancelling out any positive intentions you set?  We are all made up of pure energy at the subatomic level, and this energy is vibrating at a particular speed.  This vibration varies based on the input–our thoughts and emotions–that are dominant in our bodies.

The lowest vibration emotions are fear, despair and guilt.  Even anger has a higher vibration than fear, because you are more likely to be moved into positive action when you are angry.  Disappointment, irritation and boredom and moving closer to center, with satisfaction, enthusiasm and excitement on the other side of center.  Passion, joy and gratitude keep moving up the ladder, with love being at the highest vibration.

The other thing to note is that you attract and are attracted to things and people who are vibrating at a similar level to you.  You can’t attract the things you want if you are not a vibrational match for them.  You can’t hang out with high-vibration people for long if you are not also vibrating at that high level.

So, when you raise your vibration by focusing on love and gratitude, you begin to shift the things and people that are attracted to you.  You can also raise your vibration by putting good fuel into your body in the form of high-vibration food as close to its natural, organic state as possible, and drinking pure water.

The point is to focus on being in alignment with what you want to attract into your life by raising your own vibration to match the energetic vibration of your desires.  So give up fear, despair, and anger, and move toward joy, gratitude and love to raise your vibration.