We often talk about getting organized and putting things in order, using the phrase, “getting our ducks in a row.”  Sometimes this becomes a crutch or an excuse to put something we want to do, be, or have off to someday.  If we wait until all our ducks are nicely lined up, when we have all the details figured out and know the whole plan, we may have missed the opportunity.

In reality, when a mother duck works to get her ducklings in a row, she may quack and herd and nudge, expending lots of energy trying to get her ducks to line up.  But the moment she gets into action, and begins walking, the miracle happens–the ducklings line right up to follow her.  This is a great metaphor for life.  We can spend lots of energy going nowhere but spinning in circles trying to get our ducks in a row.  Or we can simply begin moving toward our goals with whatever information we currently have, and know that the ducks will line up behind us as we move, without effort on our part.

Success author Jack Canfield, shares a visual in the movie, The Secret.  He describes movement toward a goal as seeing the next step and taking it, and then taking the next step as it shows up.  It is like driving at night, where you can only see the parts of the road reflected in your headlights.  You don’t wait until it is light and you can see the whole route to drive.  You simply keep moving in the direction you can see–and as you go in faith, the headlights continue to light more and more of the way, getting you to your destination.