Fear can be paralyzing, when you’re staring that thing that you are afraid of in the face.  Sometimes you want to turn and run the other way, or hide out and hope it goes away, or worst of all, get stuck where you are unable to move at all.  As we know, none of those options work very well.

So, what are some options that do work?  The first step is to face the fear, and get clear on what it actually is.  Sometimes we make it so much bigger, or we stay confused and terrified because we refuse to really look at it.  Facing the fear is your launching point for action.  Once you know what you are really dealing with, you can then begin to make some decisions.

The next step is to decide on, and then take, action.  The biggest fear-buster is action.  The reality is that the fear probably isn’t going to go away, but if you see it, feel it, and still get into action anyway, you’re so much better off than before!  Determine what about your goal is bigger and more important than your fear–think about that when you are experiencing the fear, and then take the next action you see to take.

When we get into action, momentum begins to build and we see the next action to take, and the next.  And as we continue to follow that guidance, the fear diminishes, or even gets left behind entirely.  And it all starts with being willing to face your fear.