What if you had a magic wand that could give you anything you wished for?  What would you create?  Our imagination can act like this magic wand!  Once you know of something you would like to create in your life, use your imagination to develop a vivid movie of you having that right now.  What would you be feeling?  What would you see, what sounds would you hear?  What would you feel, taste and smell if you had this creation?  Make your movie as realistic and detailed as possible.

Once you’ve created your movie, start playing it in your imagination when you wake up in the morning and right before you go to sleep at night.  This process of daily visualization creates tension in your subconscious mind between what your current reality is and what you are vividly imagining for yourself morning and night.  As new ideas occur to you on how to achieve this wish, take action on those ideas whenever possible.  As you vividly imagine and take related, inspired action, you draw this new reality closer and closer to you, until eventually your wish comes true!

Don’t believe it?  We actually do this all the time, day after day.  It is called worrying!  We vividly imagine something we don’t want to have happen, with all the senses engaged and lots of emotional reaction.  And, if we spend time over and over worrying about something, it usually does happen.  So why wouldn’t it work for something you DO want just as well?  Set aside your skepticism and try it out for a month.  See what happens.  What if it does work?